August 2007

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Originally Posted 8/13/07 on Myspace

Hey now,

Where the fuck has the summer gone?  I’m actually looking forward to fall so I can stop scraping ice off these window AC units.  But how are YOU doing?  I’m happy to say we’re playing FEST 6 in Gainesville FLA – last year was awesome and this year American Steel is playing so f yeah!  We might be doing a week tour down there depending on how Nate’s work shakes out.  Show-wise that’s about it for now, we’re just finishing up writing the LP now – we’re booked to record at the Terrarium in mid-September and hope to have it released in 2007 on Go-Kart.  The 7″ split with the Monikers is available now from Kiss of Death out of Orlando – we’ll get some in Extreme Noise and other local shops this week.  The J Church/Cringer Tribute CD is out, I just ordered one from No Idea and will stream our tune here as soon as I get it…

My uncle used to love me but she died,