Duckpin Bowling

  |   2009, Tour Diaries

Originally Posted October 2009 on Tumblr

Fest ended yesterday— a blast as always. Somewhere in Alabama right now; seems like a good time to update the olde tour blog. Or is that ye olde tour blog?

Last Tuesday we played Richmond at a Duckpin Bowling Alley, where all the balls and pins are tiny. The place appeared to have last been updated in the 1950s and had been designed with a vaguely ‘futuristic’ theme in mind. This was somewhat jarring: a building from the 50s, designed as what the owners pictured the 80s being like, experienced in the 2000s, while music from the early 90s (Salt n Pepa! C&C Music Factory!) played in the background. This was a little like walking into a cafe and seeing a bunch of beatniks dancing to disco music while wearing civil war uniforms. Or maybe it was like a shitty movie where a duckpin bowling alley employee invents a time machine during his lunch break but it fucks up and warps together elements from 1959, 1989, and 2009 into his store. And then the people sucked into the alley have wacky interactions (the person from the 50s tries to use a cellphone!) while they bowl together.

Man, that would be a terrible fucking movie! Luckily the show was ok. We wanted to try the bowling but it was $16 an hour. No thanks!