January 2007

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Originally posted 1/26/07 on Myspace

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Happy New Year!

Holy fuck it’s 2007 and we need to be productive; Off With Their Heads puts us to shame.  Here’s what’s currently on the docket:

Lance from J-Church Benefit:  This should be released in March or so?  We covered “Part of the Problem”.  I think Radon, the Queers, Down in the Dumps, and a bunch of other cool bands are on this so it should be sweet.

Monikers Split:  This is either going to be recorded Feb or March so should come out in April or May I’d guess.  Two new tracks, I think it will be vinyl on Kiss of Death records out of Tampa.  If you haven’t checked out “Eat Your Young” you should do so, partic. “Mirror Images”

LP:  This is in the works and in the Frankenstein production process right now.  We’re working towards 12 tracks and it will be released on a yet to be named label.   Hopefully we can get this recorded in May or June and put it out late summer/early fall.

Witches With Dicks Split – plan to record this mid summer and maybe it will come out this fall?  Check out “Manual” also on Kiss of Death records it is AWESOME

We plan to do at least two two week or so tours this year too and personally I’m really looking forward to FEST VI if it happens!