LP Update Pt 2

  |   2008, News

Originally posted 1/16/08 on Myspace

Hey now!

Friends, too many Coronas and a few Summits have compelled me to update the blog on a school night.  The big news is that the LP is essentially done!  We master on Saturday with Dave Gardner of Selby Tigers fame.  He did Lifter Puller and D4’s vs. God and Situationist Comedy – excuse me I dropped something.  I’m still laboring over a few vocal takes, but being out of tune in parts in punk rock, right?  Right!  It helps me gets me to sleep at night.  Anyways, I can’t wait to put this album to bed and re-focus the band on the acoustic soft-rock Hall & Oates-ish tunes Nate’s been writing.  We scrapped “Via Northeast” as a title for the LP – Nate tried to get inspiration from a bus schedule, which is hard to do.  We’re reverting to the original idea which Danny once said sucked but now says doesn’t suck as much – Resignation Day.  Go-Kart tells us they need a few months to disto it and send it out for reviews before it releases, so maybe May?  Nate and I will either scrape together some money and release the vinyl on Arsenic or else look to Kiss of Death and Bryon’s deep pockets.  In other news we’re looking to do Puerto Rico in the spring and 2+ weeks on the West Coast this summer.  Spring’s around the corner so don’t kill yourself yet,