LP Update

  |   2007, News

Originally Posted 11/5/07 on Myspace

Hey now,

What’s happening?  We got all the music for the LP recorded in September and are just hacking through the vocals right now.  I’ve got a sweet set up in my basement and am trying to record shit without pissing off my wife too much with the “yelling”.  The tentative title for the LP is “Via Northeast” and we’re looking to release it on Go-Kart in the early Spring so save up or get soulseek cued.  We played the fest and it was awesome, saw a ton of sweet bands and Nate and I both got an upper respiratory illness from the smoke bomb someone lit off during the Witches with Dicks set.  It was of course worth it though.  In sadder news, Mike has moved on to bigger and better things and is heading back to school, leaving us minus a guitar player.  If you live in the TC and can play leads and do vox, drop us a line.  It snowed in Minnesota today….god damn I’m not ready for winter.  Hope you all are doing awesome.