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  |   2006, News

Originally Posted 9/9/06 on Myspace

Hey everybody!

We’re super stoked for the upcoming mini-tour w/Off With Their Heads, a fucking rad band also from Minneapolis.  We’ve got some great shows lined up with the likes of Latterman, Lemuria, Toys that Kill, Tiltwheel and Dan Padilla.  It all culminates with THE FEST in Gainesville which will rock.

The July tour was awesome – we met a ton of cool people, like Yoshi in Philly, and played with a bunch of great bands like the Unlovables, Basement Black and Down in the Dumps – everyone in NYC was super rad.  Nate’s planning on doing a tour blog when I finally burn the photos to disc…

So what’s next release-wise?

First up will be “Part of the Problem”, a J Church tune for the NO IDEA benefit for Lance.  TONS of sweet bands are going to be on this, it should rock hard.

Secondly, we’re hard at work on the upcoming unnamed LP.  Most of the tunes are written, we just need some refining, lyrics, and are in search of a label to put the shit out.  I’m stoked, it should crush the EP.  Alright.

ALSO – we’re looking for shows in/around the Twin Cities so get in touch if you’re booking a show. Yeah.