Oh, Digital’s Not Good Enough?

  |   2008, News

Originally posted 9/24/08 on Myspace

Hey Now!

After reading Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” Nate and I were able to convince our pal Bryon at Kiss of Death that there was a market for a vinyl version of Resignation Day.  Yeah!  If you’re a nerd look for this in November although test-pressings may be available at the Fest; an 8-track release is still being negotiated.  Also, we’re going to do a 300 or so press limited vinyl version of Pass the Poison.  Why does everything on vinyl have to be so limited?  I have no idea.

New Music Dept: We’re hard at work in the practice space on the next LP, tentatively titled “Via Northeast”.  The only thing holding us back is all of Off With Their Heads’ gear and merch.  Please buy some of their shit and give us some breathing room.

Go Twins,