Recording Update

  |   2006, News

Originally posted 2/25/06 on Myspace


Just wanted to give a quick update on the recording of the EP. So far, it’s shaping up to be much darker and more introspective than the demo, as we boldly broaden our musical horizons and stake out exciting new melodic territory.

Just kidding. It’s the same old shit pretty much. But so far, it sounds pretty good! We recorded the drums and bass at the Terrarium a couple weeks ago and now we’re just adding guitar and vocals at home. We’re going back to the Terrarium to mix everything at some point relatively soon. So, look for it to be out at some point in late March or early April, maybe a little bit later depending on how long stuff takes.

Here’s the tentative track listing; a couple of the titles might change:

Uptown Sleep Solution
Sun Belt Scars
In Line
Wide Awake on Lake Street
Columbia Lows
River City Blackout

Plus a hidden song. Well, it won’t really be hidden since I’m telling you about it, and it’s not very hard to find hidden stuff on a CD anyway. But still. Also, River City Blackout is not the same River City Blackout that was on the demo; we just re-used the title.

Cool, that’s all for now