Welcome to the new Banner Pilot webpage

  |   2011, News

Hey, thanks for checking out the new Banner Pilot site. “Why does this exist?”, you ask? Well, I got sick of having a bunch of small, scattered sites for the band that all did a single thing (some better than others). This way, just about everything is one convenient spot.

It would look pretty lame and pathetic if the entire website started off with nothing but this dorky “Hey, welcome! C’mon in!” post you’re reading right now, so I decided to move all of our old updates/tour diaries/studio diaries/you name it here, too (stuff from our Myspace/Tumblr/Blogspot/whatever pages). This way, there’s a ton of old content to sift through. Some of it is old and irrelevant, but rather than pick through it for the best stuff, I just added all of it.

Everything else should be pretty self-explanatory. Take a look around, make yourself at home


PS- Why “”? Yeah, I know. Trust me, dot com would have been better, but whoever owns it doesn’t even have it for sale, and has no way of being contacted. I was super tempted by the cheaper options — Bannerpilot.Info, so catchy;; so professional — but decided .net was the best bet. So there you go.

PPS – if you are a banner pilot, and found this website while searching for a job, I have nothing to offer you. But you should totally buy one of our t-shirts! A banner pilot wearing a Banner Pilot t-shirt, that would be so badass! Click on ‘store’ up top