Vote on our Setlist for 2015

  |   2014, General

We’re looking to fine-tune our set list for 2015 and your input would be appreciated. I think we zeroed in on a pretty good setlist this year– here’s what, most of the time, we were playing:

Modern Shakes
Spanish Reds
Northern Skyline
Dead Tracks
Farewell To Iron Bastards
Empty Lot
Division Street
Central Standard
Skeleton Key

So, the question is, are there any songs you’d like to hear INSTEAD of those? Or maybe in addition to those, although I doubt we’d play much more than 15 songs. Still, curious to find out if there are any songs we’re skipping that would go over well. You can only vote once (unless you hack the poll or whatever) but can choose multiple songs.

See what you think. You’ll notice that there are no songs from Pass the Poison or Resignation Day on here, which is intentional, but if you REALLY want to hear one of those, leave a comment or something I guess.

If you think our current setlist is perfect, just select “Don’t Change a Goddamn Thing You Boneheads”