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Vote on our Setlist for 2015

We're looking to fine-tune our set list for 2015 and your input would be appreciated. I think we zeroed in on a pretty good setlist this year-- here's what, most of the time, we were playing: Alchemy Greenwood Modern Shakes Effigy Spanish Reds Northern Skyline Dead Tracks Farewell To Iron Bastards Colfax Shoreline Empty Lot Intervention Division Street Central...

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21 December
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Pre-Fest / Guitar “Jams”

Thanks a ton to everyone who contacted us about playing guitar. The response was great; way more people than we expected. If we’re interested in doing an “audition” (I can’t think of a better way to put that…. “Jam Session”? There, that’s better) with you,...

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16 August
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Yo, Guitarists

Note: this is old news (well, 3 weeks old or so) and I just forgot to post it here when I posted it on Facebook. So, here it is! ------- We have some crummy news to share— Corey has decided to leave Banner Pilot, and played his...

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20 July
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Jawbreaker Lyrics & Shows & Things

I know you probably can't tell from our music, but believe it or not, we're big fans of Jawbreaker. So much so that you can read an in-depth discussion of our favorite lyrics by them over at Noisey. Go check it out! Also: our album Souvenir...

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29 April
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Shirts, and stuff

Don't forget-- our new album Souvenir comes out this Tuesday on Fat Wreck! You still have time to pre-order it from Fat or from iTunes. Wouldn't that be a nice way to start your Tuesday, with a link to some MP3s in your inbox? Come...

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13 April
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Our New Album

Hello! There is a bunch of new and exciting news in Banner Pilot Land so let's get right down to it and not bother with any goofy and pointless run-on introductory sentences like the one you're reading right now: We have a new album called Souvenir!...

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01 April
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Recording a New Album!

In Exciting News, we're recording our 4th full length album this Friday! I mean, not the whole thing. That's just when we're starting. Here's what Fat posted about it: ----- Banner Pilot are gearing up to hit the studio this October with producer Jacques Wait (Prince, Off...

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06 October
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Next Shows, Next Album

The annual D4th of July here in Minneapolis is always a good time, and this year has morphed into a festival of sorts with three straight days of shows. We’re playing on the 4th itself, w/ our buds The Flatliners, A Wilhelm Scream, and many...

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04 June