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  |   2011

Set List 2012: You Choose, We Decide

So, one thing I noticed on our last tour was that some songs got a better reaction than others. Interesting! It would seem as if everyone does not like every song exactly the same. I thought it’d be fun to let you, the listener, help us...

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29 November
  |   2011, News

November Updates

Greetings! Time for a quick update. This particular update is all about NEW things. NEW shows-- check out the, you guessed it, Shows page for that. West Coast, we’re heading your way for the first time since 2010. Seattle and Portland? Haven’t seen you since 2008....

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28 November
  |   2011, News

New Song and New Shows

As you should already know (unless you haven't been keeping up with Banner Pilot news, in which case, shame on you; start becoming an informed citizen), our third full length album Heart Beats Pacific is being released by Fat Wreck Chords this October 25th. You...

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09 October
  |   General

Studio Blog #2: The Reverse Crunch Wrap

Well it's day three and we have five songs tracked; probably will get one more done before the end of the day. A little slower than expected, but it's sounding pretty bad ass. We listened to Collapser for a second to double check a snare...

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26 June
  |   2011, Studio Diaries

Studio Blog #1 : Deadly Towers

Here's an interesting thing about being in the studio: the first couple days of being in a studio aren't very interesting. I'm not sure how I can convey any intriguing updates; "Hey, guys, quick update: we nailed that one fill!" or "After trying a few...

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25 June
  |   2011, News, Studio Diaries

We are Recording a New Album!

Hey, later today Banner Pilot is entering the studio to record a new full length album. Yeah! We’re recording at the Terrarium with Jacques Wait, same as with Collapser, so it should sound totally sweet. Look for updates from the studio, right here, starting tomorrow...

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23 June