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Pass the Poison

Our first release. We recorded the drums and bass at the Terrarium in Minneapolis in one day and then added guitars and vocals later at Nick’s house (called “Sumter Avenue Studios” in the liner notes in a sneaky attempt to portray professionalism.) It’s a pretty goofy record but I find that goofiness somewhat endearing, and there are handful of moments that show some promise.


Unlike every release that followed, we didn’t demo any of the songs beforehand and didn’t use a metronome to define a specific tempo, so everything ended up way faster than intended, as we were excited to rock out in the studio. 

The result is scrappy and raw– if you like fast punk rock, borderline hardcore, this might be the only record of ours you like.


There have been a few vinyl and CD pressings but I think those are all long gone now. There was even, years later, a cassette pressing which for some reason sold wildly in Fargo North Dakota (and only Fargo North Dakota) – Nate


-Nick Johnson: Vocals
-Nate Gangelhoff: Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar
-Mike Johnson: Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals
-Dan Elston-Jones: Drums


All music by Nate Gangelhoff / Banner Pilot. All lyrics by Nick Johnson.


Read the lyrics here


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