Collapser (2009)

Recorded in April and May 2009, this was our 2nd full length and first for Fat Wreck. It was a great recording session and the album turned out exactly how we wanted it. Well, OK, not exactly… there’s this one part where the ride cymbal goes to quarter notes and it gets off the back beat for half a measure. I know, I know. No refunds!

The album cover is from a set of photos a friend of my parents’ found at a garage sale. Best we can tell, they were taken around 1904, and they’re all pretty amazing; whoever took them had more skill than most of the famous photographers from that era that we looked up. Never found out who he or she was, though. When we played a show in northern France, the kids there told us the photos were taken just a few miles north from there. We checked it out and sure enough, there were the cliffs from the interior album photo. Pretty cool. We showed a fisherman on the shore a copy of the album. He said, “Eh!”

On this album, Banner Pilot was:
Nick Johnson: Vocals / Guitar
Nate Gangelhoff: Lead Guitar / Bass Guitar
Corey Ayd: Guitar (lead guitar on Northern Skyline and Write it Down)
Dan Elston-Jones: Drums

All music written by Nate Gangelhoff / Banner Pilot except Starting at an Ending and Empty Lot, by Banner Pilot, and Write it Down, by Nick Johnson / Banner Pilot
All lyrics by Nick Johnson

It was recorded by Jacques Wait @ the Terrarium in Minneapolis, and mastered by Dave Gardner. Jacques Wait and Banner Pilot produced. Released on Fat Wreck Chords, September 2009.

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Collapser - Banner Pilot

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