Pass the Poison (2006)

Our first release. We recorded the drums and bass at the studio, then did all of the guitars (using PODs, not amps!) and vocals at Nick’s house. Then we went back to the studio for mixing/mastering. A lot rawer and faster than our later stuff; it’s a pretty good document of what we sounded like when we first started. I’m glad we kept this to an EP rather than trying to push for a full album right out of the gate. It was a good learning experience, and I don’t think it’s a bad record, either. Just a little different than what we do now.

On this album, Banner Pilot was:
Nick Johnson: Vocals, Guitar
Nate Gangelhoff: Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar
Mike Johnson: Guitar, Vocals
Dan Elston-Jones: Drums

All music written by Nate Gangelhoff / Banner Pilot
All lyrics by Nick Johnson

Drums and bass recorded by Dustin Miller at the Terrarium in Minneapolis, February 2006. Guitars and vocals recorded by Banner Pilot at Sumter Avenue Studios, February and March 2006. Mixed by Dustin Miller. Mastered by Dave Gardner. Self-released on Arsenic Records, April 2006.

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Pass the Poison - Banner Pilot

Check out the lyrics here. Listen to the songs below.

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