Resignation Day (2008)

This album had quite the journey to its final form. It was recorded in September 2007, but then we ran out of time and had to do the vocals at Nick’s house. That took a good three months, on and off. We returned to the studio in early 2008 to mix, but already had blown through most of our budget and had to move quickly. Then, for reasons I don’t even remember, it was delayed for months and months before finally coming out on Go Kart in August 2008. Fast forward a year and a half and we decide to try to correct the subpar sound, enlisting Jacques Wait to remix and remaster it. Voila— in October 2010, a full three years after we started, the final, remixed version came out on Fat Wreck. Whew!

The remixed album includes two bonus songs that we recorded in early 2007, which were originally released on a split 7″ with our pals The Monikers.

On this Album, Banner Pilot was:
Nick Johnson: Vocals, Guitar
Nate Gangelhoff: Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar
Dan Elston-Jones: Drums

All music written by Nate Gangelhoff / Banner Pilot
All lyrics written by Nick Johnson

It was recorded by Dustin Miller at the Terrarium in Minneapolis, mixed and mastered by Jacques Wait. Released on Go Kart Records September 2008, re-released on Fat Wreck Chords October 2010. Spit Out and Deadender were recorded and mixed by Dustin Miller. Mike Johnson played rhythm guitar on Spit Out and Deadender.

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Resignation Day (Remixed Version) - Banner Pilot

Click here to read the lyrics. Listen to the songs below.

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