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From Pass the Poison

Those were the days ask the dust on the road. Ask the cobwebs in my room in East St. Paul. Two thousand miles seems a long way to go to find out that I can’t make it alone. I know I’m fucked. This heart’s so heavy, ambition broken up. It’s been good, it’s been close yeah but it’s not enough. Be glad you’re not me, so I refill the cup. Burst of applause as the clown gets dragged by the cuffs. Twin Cities lights. 10:30 inbound flight. Find out what’s left make right. Punch through the winter night.

Pressed my nose through her straight black hair. Please stay with me. Taking in the details of the door. So what is it that you’re crying for. Louder Than Bombs on the stereo. You don’t have to go. I’ve seen people freezing up tonight and hope slips if you can’t hold it tight. Felt the pull of the city streets a few feet away. Watching minutes crawling towards dawn. I’ll probably miss you when I’m gone. So let the record play

it covers up the things we don’t say. See that the world’s flipped upside down. The flames that I felt for you turned to snow the last day or two so I can’t sleep in uptown. Close your eyes for one last kiss goodbye. So sick of reasons why. You filled me up until I cracked. With no scrips the pain keeps coming back. Icy road up until the end I can’t take another bend. It’s my fault I knew what you’re about. Unlocked the door and wandered out

If you can walk or crawl then let’s leave this hospital and take this car far as it goes. Lost and kicked about. Sun belt scars remove all doubt but cover up this chapter’s closed no, this world ain’t all snow. So rip the IVs that grow from your heartbreak you know they don’t look as bad underneath real light and make your way through the door to the sidewalk let’s go. Coast’s a day if we drive all fucking night. Harbor next stop, a florence backdrop. It cheers me up knowing some things never change like the pacific ocean watch the sand dunes blow and set the waves in motion. Bring you back to life. Let dreams cut through the gloom of this lonely waiting room it’s love today but then it goes, no it always seems so.

Yeah people stop and stare through stale smoke air. The fireworks blare. She asks me. So then I came clean and killed the dream, finale scene, so quickly. The fake smiles made it seem sadder. Perceptions all torn and tattered and now. Find myself walking by tabor park one spring night. It’s where our future died and these same Portland lights will help me find my way past wet blurred street signs. Some lawn at day I’ll lay and pass out clutching cheap red wine. I think I spent the greater part of tonight just waiting for you. On the chance that I’d meet up with the girl I never outgrew. But now with shit to show it’s kinda hard to let you go. Kick this dust off my clothes. Spit the dust out my mouth. Make my way downtown. Waking up to city sounds. I’ll take one last look around and if the streets are empty then I’ll let the raindrops wipe me clean of you.

I’m wide awake on Lake Street, me and my bedsheets. Can’t sleep cause I’m thinking about you. I picked the wrong race, so laugh in my face and tell me that you’ve never fucked up too. We bend then break from misuse. First find and then lose. Thrown against the wall to see what sticks. The things that you said bang around in my head.

Maybe a couple valium will do the trick. See all the plans fall away discarded. Won’t see you there all the spots you’re going to. Hard to stop these things once they’ve started. You must feel so free now don’t you. Good luck goodnight.

Seventh street, two o’ clock. Drink until I can’t walk. With new scars see stars fall broken. Bottle up and abuse, keeping safe from the news. You can’t swallow if you’re choking. You hold your dreams like they were super glue. Sick with columbia lows. Mine strung out ask me and I’ll leave with you. Sick with columbia lows. Past the strip malls, suburban fallout, or break my heart and let the poison spill out. Flat lines fill eyes, this patients clear. Clear!

Vacant nights, synthetic lights. Back where it started no place left to go this time. The discount wine has clouded my mind, so I’ll just have one more drink and spill more ink. Let’s raise a glass to burning bridges. Set’s the same, the players change. So bundle up kid, know you can’t go home. Salad days. Box ’em up and let it pour. Step back, then light a match and close the door. I guess that’s just river city for you. Step outside, watch cars collide. Just keep on moving all in the past. Stop lights dark in Highland Park. I take a right make footprints in new snow. Next year the skies look clear. An optimist like January. One weak smile, I’ve walked for miles. I check the time, turn inhale deep and go. Take in the moonlight, reflecting on strange times as seen through famine-stricken eyes. Just try to walk on.