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Resignation Day

Our first full length album. Also our worst record by far. I mean, I don’t think it’s terrible or anything but it’s a pretty generic collection of tunes in the “gruff melodic midwestern punk” variety that was moderately popular at the time. Yeah yeah yeah, I guess you could argue that ALL of our stuff lands in that bucket, but I think we got better and more nuanced on later albums.


There’s a couple solid tunes but overall the tempos and melodies and parts don’t really distinguish themselves too much and it all blurs together. The recording was kind of a headache. Our original guitarist, Mike, quit the band a few days in. The overall sound ended up being flat and muddy (we later remixed it, much improving things, when it was re-released by Fat in 2010).


Now that I’ve sufficiently hyped this album up, check it out!! – Nate


-Nick Johnson: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
-Nate Gangelhoff: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar
-Dan Elston-Jones: Drums, Piano


All music by Nate Gangelhoff / Banner Pilot
All lyrics by Nick Johnson


Read the lyrics here


Recorded at The Terrarium in Minneapolis by Dusty Miller. Remixed by Jacques Wait. Mastered by Dave Gardner.


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